Take Me Back

Korea’s best kept herbal beauty secrets that 

take you back to soft, smooth, baby skin.  

Meebak's Philosophy

Skincare, simplified. So you can go achieve more in life than effortlessly comfortable skin. 

At Meebak, we are rethinking what quality skincare should be for the everyday woman. We believe it should be an enabler not an inhibitor - achieving glassy, soft and supple skin should be carefree, convenient and pleasant process. We want to create conversation around skin wellness with natural herbal ingredients from Korea, enabled by delivering high quality, time-saving, convenient, and carefree skincare solutions. 

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a practical, carefree skincare solution for every woman inspired by Korean herbal recipes. We believe that top notch skincare should be attainable to everyone and we want to enable our customers to actively participate in their lives, with confidence and natural beauty achieved by the simple and effective daily skincare routines we provide.

Our promise

We blend Korea’s innovative cosmetic manufacturing knowhow with herbal ingredients to deliver performance-driven formulas.

Our team is dedicated to help every woman achieve healthy and radiant skin in a way that is simple and practical. Through research, innovation, and Korean herbal ingredient knowledge, we strive to cultivate the ultimate carefree self-care solution that fits into everyone’s life. 

Guranteed Fair Prices

Top Quality Product


We do everything to provide the best ingredients so you can keep your skin looking soft and smooth without worrying about harmful preservatives or additives.


Meebak's beauty products are made by top cosmetic manufacturers in South Korea that work with big brand names you've heard of.