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2-in-1 Cica Misting Toner Mini


Customer Reviews

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Alondra Palau

This is honestly amazing it’s helping with my mask acne so much I carry it everywhere I definitely recommend

Bought the full-size, came back for the travel size!

Initially I bought the 4.1oz and loved it so much, I came back for the travel size! Not only for me, but also bought it for all my friends! Love how they offer this in a smaller size, fits perfectly in all of my bags, even my most smallest one, and is so convenient. I mist my face with the 4.1 oz after cleansing, and before my serum and moisturizer, but this 1.7 oz one I'll mist throughout the day when I feel like my skin is a little dry or needs a little boost. Perfect timing for the winter with the harsher weather conditions. Not only does it give me more moisture, but the cica also calms my skin down too. Absolutely love it - buy it for all your friends too!

Great for sensitive skin!

I have sensitive, acne-prone, dry skin and this toner is perfect for my skin! It gives my skin a good glow and doesn't irritate my skin in any way. I use this daily day and night.

Jess E.
So much YES!!

This toner/mist is great if you’re doing a lot of treatments or deal with a lot of redness. I use this at night to prevent irritation or over drying my skin because of all the acne treatments I use. It’s glides on, sinks in and leaves my skin lightly moisturized.

Erin Pellegrino

I love spraying this on my face in the morning! Before using my cream ☺️