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Cica Serum


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Heather Hastings
BEST face lotion products EVER

I LOVE the Meebak face serum and location. My face has never looked better and I get compliments on my skin all the time!

Jillian Wenger
Meebak face serum

I love love love this serum. My mom ordered it by mistake for me actually, but i used it and love it so much i ordered another bottle i ran out of what my mom gave me plus i got the moisturizer too. Seriously i just love the silkyness of the serum. My face is soft but not greasy or shiny. It has helped the look of aging. The moisturizer can end up making my skin feel greasy the next morning if i use it morning and night, so i just use it once a day and also if you use to much of it, it wont soak in the skin as well and leaves that greasy feeling too. But thats the moisturizer. As for the serum i only need 1 pump maybe 1 and a half on some days. Its great stuff and a great price

Christine Cooney
Very Pleasing

I bought them few times for few years and I fell in love with them to be kind over my face and neck in a comfortable zone. I used to buy Chanel skincare products and Clinique skincare products for many years. I had enough for them. I like that Meebak skincare products are better for me as well. Funny thing, everyone can smell good my face & neck when they asked me, oh my goodness.... (giggle)

Shebanay Griffith
Ohhhhh yes!

I love the moisturizer!!! I use it after my face mask, and skin be glowing, honey!! I also got my mom the serum and a gift for Christmas...hope she likes it!

To early to tell a difference

I’ve used it but it’s to early to tell what it’s doing. I like to give a good honest review on products and as of right now it’s to soon to say one way or the other.