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Day & Night Serum Duo


Customer Reviews

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Love it

Makes my skin feel nice and it absorbs well. It doesn’t feel like it’s sitting on the skin and does not feel drying at all.

Great products with great price

I got these two 50% off as a first time customer. I was having rashes and white heads from trying too much products at once. I waited until my skin has calmed down a bit before I started using these 2 serums. I started with the vitamin c, once a day at night for a few days then twice a day for a week (and the same for the cica serum). I have to say I'm impressed. I have zero reactions from the vit c but a little breakouts from the cica. Now I'm using the vit c at night and cica during the day. Apart from not having allergic reactions (which is the most important thing to someone with ultra sensitive skin) my skin feels softer and a bit brighter.

Gentle on your skin

I love meebak's product. It is gentle on your skin and your skin feels so fresh after using it.

Not great for sensitive skin

The vitamin C oil caused me to break out while the night serum dried up my skin. It took 2 weeks of not using these products to get my skin back to what it looked like before using this combo for a week. Everyone's skin is different so perhaps this will work better for you, but if you have very sensitive skin, I would not recommend.