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Cica & Vitamin C Serum


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eva Vicuna

Truly love the product! no. grease. My skin is soft and see mayor improvement in areas around my lips where I was seeing some pretty deep lines ..

Great Vit C serum you can find

I have been always in love with Vit C product myself and I thought I would give it a try because price is reasonable and it's from Korea. My face feels very soft and it feels like I used an over night moisturizer. I highly recommend for anyone who is interested in Vit C based moisturizer and since it is a serum it's even softer than normal heavy moisturizer.


I did not expect this to be as nice as it is, but this serum totally changed my mind about inexpensive skincare products. You can't get this quality for this price tag.. seriously.
The texture out of the bottle is sticky like other oily serums I've used, but it absorbs completely without leaving any residue. I don't like that oily finish feeling, so I love that my face feels clean and matte with this one. Whenever I apply this, I feel like my skin is getting firmer and getting a good hydration boost

Hyon Kim
Surprisingly moisturizing!

It has clean and subtle scent. It felt very moisturizing that I almost forgot to put my lotion after applying this. Some serum tend to get a bit oily bit it wasn’t and I liked the feeling of applying it. I was pleasantly surprised with the expiration date on the box which you never find it on any other product that makes you wonder if it is really good as long as it is used within 12 months of opening. I think every cosmetic must have this. Another feature I really liked is the opening of the serum. It is tight and just enough to limit the excessive exposure to air when in use. I thought that was really clever. Strongly recommend this product. Loved their attention to detail and the quality of the serum.

A miracle! I love this product and it has made me feel more rejuvenated

bought this in conjuction with hand wipes and eye cream..

highly recommend this product. as a middle age mom with two kids I can feel the effects that work and kids have on me so I have been doing more research into having a healthy skincare regimen. i found this product from some recommendations from friends. I've used it for only a days and can already feel the effects it has. even my husband has noticed! my skin is brighter and more refreshed and does not feel as stretchy as before after following the instructions on the back. I have sensitive skin and many allergies but I am pleased that the all natural ingredients did not cause any problems whatsoever. I highly recommend this to others looking to improve their skincare regimen!!