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Hand Sanitizing Wipes (50 Count)


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Perfect Size Wipe

I love how the wipes are individually wrapped. This makes it so convenient to carry around and won't dry out like other big packaged wipes. The size of the wipe is just right. Other wipes are way too big and watery to carry around. Put some in the car, bags and office, you are all set to protect yourself. This is so essential especially during this pandemic.


They're packaged one by one and are pretty small, so its great to carry around. I like to keep myself clean at all times, these cute little wipes have been super helpful.

Very happy with this

I put 2-3 in my makeup bag every day. It's light and small, which is convenient! Compared to other wipes, it doesn't feel sticky. Because it's individually wrapped, I also don't have to worry about the wipes packet drying out either, which is good. I've been using this a lot recently and bringing it so all my friends can use it too when we go out.

Great sanitizing wipes

Really like the packaging of these wipes. Each one is individually packaged so it’s very easy to store or take with you. Great scent. Doesn’t smell like alcohol like a lot of the other wipes.

What I look for!

This one has all the conditions which I have been looking for. Gel-type hand sanitizers are inconvenient when I wipe down objects or squeeze it on kids’ hands. Spray-type sanitizers are also tricky for me to use because they spread widely.
These wipes contain alcohol, so it can block 99.9% of viruses and is very convenient to use. In addition, sanitizing wipes wrapped all together in one box or pouch, the alcohol component seems to be evaporated over times, so there are many concerns about the effectiveness and hygiene, but this product is packaged one by one.
The other point I like is that this doesn’t require a large room to store in the clutches or mini cross-bags I generally bring. Even after this Covid situation is over, I think this item will always be in my bag.