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Cica Sheet Mask (Set of 5)


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Highly recommend!!

This is one of my favorite masks for when my skin needs to feel refreshed. My skin felt amazing after the first use. I have used many products before and they never work. I have dry, sensitive skin.
I use it in the evening. It feels cooling, soothing, and does not sting at all. It also reduced some of the puffiness that had accumulated under my eyes. My skin looked super bright and healthy looking after just one use. It locks in moisture and makes my face feel soft and amazing. Highly recommend!!

The Perfect Face Mask!

This CICA Mask is so high quality and it unfolds so easily without a mess. I usually struggle so hard to unfold a mask with other products. This is the best sheet mask I’ve ever tried. I love that it contours to my face without overflowing of serum. You will feel the instant refreshing cooling effect as soon as you put it on. What surprised me the most was the soft and smoothness I felt when I took it off. I noticed that my face looked brightened too! I highly recommend this product, two thumbs up!

Love this mask🤍

Love this sheet mask! It's soaked with essence so it deeply hydrates but does not feel sticky or oily at all. My skin feels cool when I apply on my face - it has a sort of soothing effect. And what I love most is that I have sensitive skin but it didn't react at all to any of the ingredients and I didn't feel any irrititation whatsoever!

Reasonably priced but really good quality!

I'm a big fan of sheet masks and an every day user. When it comes to budget, it's not easy to keep buying luxury brand products.
I found a promotion for this mask on google a couple weeks ago. I've heard that cica is good for calming irritated skin, so I bought it right away.
And it defintiely met my expectations!

It's not messy to use. I don't like it when the serum drips everywhere from the sheet when you first take it out. This one felt like the sheet absorbed and held onto all the liquid without causing a big mess. I applied the rest of the serum on my neck.

After using it for several days, I notice that my skin feels more hydrated and has a glow. Multiple people have complimented me on how radiant and soft my skin looks!
It's going to be part of my daily routine from now on :)

Nice product

I like the way these feel on my face. I didn’t see any significant change in my skin but I do wear a mask majority of the day so that doesn’t really help. But I definitely feel like I have soft moisturized skin after using!